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Illinois Surrogacy Law

In the state of Illinois, the laws are streamlined to facilitate couples from all over the world to become proud parents. It is for this reason Illinois surrogacy is a renowned one but it is also vital to know some of the important aspects about Illinois Surrogacy law so that intended parents and surrogated mothers don't face any unpleasant experience during the process or get misled by wrong information.

Only Gestational Surrogacy Is Permissible

Yes, it is true as Illinois gestational surrogacy act covers only gestational surrogacy as the name suggest. This implies that unlike traditional surrogacy where surrogate mother can donate her eggs too, in gestational surrogacy Illinois does not allow the same.

No Involvement of Court Procedures

The greatest strength of Ilinois surrogacy is that there is no role of courts to play in the entire procedure and it is extremely uncomplicated at its heart. The reputed surrogacy agencies Illinois ensure that both the parties i.e. intended parents and surrogate mother sign a certified document of consent regarding the parentage rights of the child. This is to make sure that after delivery of the child, surrogate mother can't claim for child custody and make the things ugly rather than memorable for a couple seeking help of such agencies in Illinois. Not only this, parents names get enrolled on the birth certificate of the newborn immediately to prevent any future conflict.

No Worries For LGBT Couples

It is true that gestational surrogacy Illinois is applicable to all couples. The law itself has no mention that lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual couples cannot get benefitted by the law and as according to law, same sex couples can adopt a child, it can be fairly assumed that LGBT couples also don't need to worry much.

Other Highlights Of Illinois Surrogacy Law

Some of the other highlights of the law regarding gestational surrogacy Illinois are the following ones.

  • It is not mandatory that intended parents should be residents of Illinois or are married
  • It is mandatory that any of the intended parent should contribute eggs or sperms
  • Intended couples should have any medical need to go for gestational surrogacy
  • Intended couples are required to undergo a full medical check-up for evaluation of their physical and mental health
  • Consultation with a legal counsel is a must for all intended parents to understand the pre-conditions and legal implications of the gestational surrogacy
  • It is mandatory for surrogate mothers to give birth in the state of Illinois so that the law can be applicable on her
  • Surrogate mothers should be of minimum 21 years and must have been the biological mothers of at least one kid
  • Intended surrogate mothers have to undergo complete medical and mental check up for evaluating their eligibility
  • Consultation with a legal counsel is a must for an intended surrogate mother too as she is also required to understand each and every terms and legal conditions
  • A health insurance policy covering all major treatments and hospitalization cost should be sought by a surrogate mother.

A Surrogate's Story:

I started working with Alternative Reproductive Resources in 2005. The process to become a surrogate was more complicated than I had expected and I'm not going to lie, at first it was stressful. Luckily, ARR held my hand through the entire process. You see, I was a surrogate twice. The first time, the embryo transfer didn't take, which was not only hard for me, but for the couple I was trying to help. Due to health issues, the couple had to focus on other needs. Nevertheless, that experience made me stronger and more motivated to help another couple. ARR introduced me to another couple. This experience was very different - not only was I working with new parents, but a different team of doctors. In May 2007, the embryos were transferred and took. I was pregnant with twins. The feeling was overwhelming. Throughout the pregnancy, the intended parents, ARR and my family were very supportive and I was able to give the couple two very precious gifts.

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